About Us

Swing for the Kids is an incredible day of golf, girl power and fun benefitting girls' programs at Off the Street Club.  
Today we challenge every professional woman to be a champion, advocate and example of the powerful women these young girls can grow up to be. We challenge you to help her see her full potential. To stand in her corner and believe in her until she believes in herself. Show her that her challenges are yours and she’s never alone. Show the world Your Drive Empowers Hers.
Executive Committee:

Betsy Holden (OTSC Board President and Honorary Tournament Chair)
Jack Klues (Tournament Chair)
Ralph Campagna (Executive Director, Off the Street Club)
Arnett Morris (Executive Director, Off the Street Club)

Chris Boothe (Spark Foundry)

Kathy Ring (Starcom Worldwide)
Mary Kay Haben (OTSC Board)
Kristina Lutz (Starcom Worldwide)
Tina Manikas (FCB)
Bill McCabe (Eicoff)
Jim Murphy (Conversant)
John Muszynski (Spark Foundry)
Tonise Paul (Energy BBDO)
Tim Schulte (Mid-America Sports)
Rocco Smeriglio (OTSC Board)
Richard Stoddart (InnerWorkings)
Jill Sylvester (Spark Foundry)
Sophie Byers (Facebook)
Rich Calacci (Viacom)
Brian Nix (Recruiting Resource Group)